Just off of Route 66

Playing in the band.
Playing in the band.

Road trips on Route 66.

There are a lot of reasons to do them. Just doing them is probably reason enough. Starting from one end and driving to the other is a great bucket list trip. Even though I really dislike bucket lists for all that they imply.

Another reason is to go to a place you want to visit. In sort of a romantic and nostalgic way. Road tripping to get there. To see things that you normally wouldn’t. To do things that you normally wouldn’t. And, to eat things that you normally wouldn’t. And to learn about sameness and differences.

For instance. Food. Northern New Mexico cooking is not like Tex-Mex, which is not like the food you find in East LA. Los Angeles. Not Louisiana.  And, it is certainly not like the food you find in Mexico City. Yet, all those variations fall within the broad category of Mexican food.


The pictures. That’s what you came for. Right? The top picture was made as I was leaving The Indian Market in Santa Fe. This guy was selling CDs on the street. I asked if I could photograph him. He said sure, but I had to buy a CD. Fair enough. The music is haunting and very good. The third picture was made in Los Golondrinas. It’s a living history museum. Once a year they hold a huge festival. There are dancers, hand-made regional foods, tours, farm animals and all sort of things to do. It is located off of I-25, just south of Santa Fe.

Finally. No young Hispanic woman grows up without have a rite of passage called a quinceanera. I stumbled on this one in Albuquerque. I saw a lot of cars headed towards one parking lot. I followed them to an old dance hall. Everybody was friendly. The invited me inside so I could take pictures. Of course, I wasn’t dressed for the occasion, but they didn’t care. I mostly worked from backstage. This band could play. Really play.

By the way. The hands and the boots became signature pictures for a time. Because they are details, the say a lot of things and become sort of icons in their own way.

Dancing boots.
Dancing boots.


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