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More Route 66


Along the Continental Divide.

Along the Continental Divide.

A little more Route 66.

You seem to like this collection. I’ll keep going a little bit. I like these pictures too. I haven’t really looked at them for a long time. Luckily, these images are easily accessible in my archives. On second thought. Luck had nothing to do with accessibility. That’s just management. DAM. Digital Asset Management.


The pictures.

The top one is fairly personal. When I was a young child growing up in Southern California, my parents liked traveling to the Southwest. We used to drive all night. Sometime during the very early morning we arrived at the Continental Divide. We knew we were there. The Southwest. I did a little journey through my past a while back. The coffee was as bad as my mom said it was.

Aztec Motel. It was one of those old motor courts. After it started falling into disrepair, it became sort of a home for artistic people. I have no idea what the rent was. Folks lived there very long-term. They made it their own.  It was torn down in 2011, after the owner said it would cost a million dollars to restore. The sign came down in 2015. The city says it will be renovated and installed in a pocket park. They have applied for a Federal grant. The owner sold the property for — get this – a million dollars.

And, so it goes.

There is a lesson to be learned from this. It’s as Neil Young wrote, rust never sleeps. Never pass an opportunity by thinking that you’ll come back to it later. You won’t. Even if you do. What you saw may not be there.

Aztec Motel

Aztec Motel



  1. There was a motel or motor court out on 66 with 2 big red arrows stuck in the ground too, but darned if I remember just where west of ABQ.


  2. National highways like US 66 are classics … and tell so many stories. Wow … the concept of the old motor inns along those main routes are a distant memory. Well done Ray! …. and gotta love the song Route 66.


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