Route 66

Central Avenue.
Central Avenue.

Route 66. Central Avenue. Albuquerque. New Mexico.

The land of enchantment. The land of amazing light. And, high contrast. My kind of light. All the time. So much so that I cherished cloudy days. Like just about every photographer living and working in New Mexico.

Since I’m not really in a position to produce a lot of new images right this moment, I thought I’d share some images from the past. Pictures that you’ve never seen. They are new to you.

Here goes.

This is Route 66. A part that isn’t quite so romantic. Right in the middle of Albuquerque. Central Avenue. People do business here. Wall to wall curbside parking. Like a real city. The real trick is to make pictures that play to the light. The wonderful light. The extreme light of New Mexico.

From my teaching side, it also makes the point. Pictures are everywhere. You don’t have to travel around to find an interesting picture. This picture was made a couple of miles from my home. If I remember correctly, I think I was running a couple of errands. You know me. Always carry a camera.

The picture. Another kind of drive by. Very little work in post production. Mostly to reduce the contrast and lighten shadow areas. That red glowing dot? That’s really there. Apparently, the low light bounced off the chrome of the car and caught something in the window. That’s luck. Photographer’s luck.

One more thing. I’m not opposed to travel. I’m in the middle of that right now. I am opposed to thinking that you can’t make good pictures unless you travel.


  1. My husband and I drove the entire Route 66 a few years ago and it was an amazing road trip. Lots of downtrodden places, but lots of inspirational sights as well. A historic route that should never be forgotten or lost to time.

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  2. Hi! I think that you’re awesome as well as your pictures of course. Besides taking extraordinary pictures you have a vision about photography that amazes me. This idea of finding the attractive in the everyday life. I have a blog myself, in which that is specially my aim. Thanks so much for shearing what you do!

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    1. Thank you very much, Florencia. Very kind. Very humbling. There was a year that I started a PAD (picture a day) project. It lasted for five years. Obviously, I couldn’t photograph big projects every day. Some pictures were what I call little, some were much bigger. They certainly reflected my mood at the time. I have your email. I’ll answer it today. It slipped to the bottom of the pile. 🙂 Sorry. — Ray

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  3. I love this theme, route 66, ray. It’s been a long time, but as a child I spent time with a grandparent in Albuquerque, and I enjoyed your photo with tremendous nostalgia! I travel some portion of Route 66 almost every day, but it would be fun to travel the old route from California to Chicago again…like when I was a kid. 🙂


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