Super moon deluxe.
Super moon deluxe.

The Super moon.

No. Not last night’s. I wasn’t in any kind of position to photograph it. I wasn’t going to post this picture. But, a friend of mine posted his from about the same time saying something like, this moon is super moon enough for me. I made this picture in New Mexico, the last time that there was a generational super moon.

See what I’m saying?

We live in the age of super hyperbole. Everything ping-pongs all over the internet so that nothing ever dies. In fact, when somebody does die, the notice pops up for years. Social media types mourn the loss of somebody they didn’t know as if the passing just happened. And, you think eternity is a long time? A bunch of engineers and coders created their own eternity.

If you think that I don’t like making pictures of subjects that happen repeatedly, let me change that. If I had been in a place where I could have made a meaningful picture of the moon, I would have. It’s nature. It’s also my second nature. I could have taken a picture of the moon in the sky. By itself. Plenty of people are sharing those. But, what’s the point? Without some kind of context the picture just says “moon.” It doesn’t even say super moon. For the most part, about 1,000,000 pictures look about the same. Just sayin.’


I was living in the high desert at the time I made this picture. I kind of liked the loneliness that I found along the back roads. So, I drove out to one and made this picture. Of the moon and it’s mirror, the high desert. Even though I’m really not a tripod guy, this picture needed a tripod. That’s the story.