Some Americans


The real thing.
The real thing.


There has been a lot of talk about people over the election season. Americans. Who are they? Who should be included? Who should be excluded? What does the new President Elect mean for some of us? For those who thought the debate would get better after the election, well, you were wrong. It got worse. Now it’s in the streets. Peaceful protest is the American way. The violent hatred is not.

With that.

I thought that I would let you meet some of the people I’ve met and had the privilege of photographing along the way. My way. As I started curating this little collection, I became more and more humbled. These people are real. They aren’t “talent.” They weren’t paid to be in my work. They let me into their lives. Even for just one brief moment.

They are all Americans.

Oh yeah. This is one alien among them all. I think he or she arrived in 1947. In Roswell, New Mexico. See if you can spot him or her.




  1. Dear Ray, your pictures of these Americans make me homesick in some way. America is the home for many. Despite so many things. There is a certain spirit. It’s the spirit of the real wild and free, and no, I do not mean that in a ridiculous romantic way. I don’t know whether I will ever again be able to visit your country, but I loved it, even before I was born (no kidding), and am grateful I have seen some of it’s real beauty and set foot on some wonderful and holy grounds. Thank you for visiting my blog, too, ever so grateful. Have a great day! Silvia, with the best wishes from Vienna (oh, we’re all Aliens, aren’t we :o) …?)

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    1. Thank you, Silva. Maybe Joni Mitchell was right. “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” Yeah, but not so much an alien as the guy in the back seat of the car. He, apparently came from some other planet. 🙂

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