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Left Overs

All things pass.

All things must pass.

Yesterday was hard. For many people.

Today is a new day. Keep moving forward. That’s what I say. Then again, I say that every day. It’s time to regroup. It’s time to do whatever it is we do. Don’t be denied. As my friend, and legendary New Orleans chef Leah Chase would say, “Put on your pants and get to work.” She’s 93 years old. When she talks, you listen. She’s seen a few things in her lifetime.

That’s about the end of politics on Storyteller.

The picture. No. It isn’t an extension of the take that I published yesterday. This came by sheer luck. Yesterday. It isn’t one of the occasional series, “what the dog saw” because she didn’t see it. She isn’t with us at the moment. I was walking. I saw it. That’s all there is to it. The original was a little over exposed so I corrected that. The rest is pretty much as you see it.



      • Well, first I have to get through the stages of grief, LOL.
        Seriously, though, I have been reading a lot about the things that some of the president-elect’s supporters have felt emboldened to do because of certain rhetoric, and I shared some of those things on my personal Facebook. Since my comment earlier today, here’s one thing that happened A guy I’ve known since high school, a supporter of said president-elect, took such tremendous exception to me doing this that he threatened to kill me (“I know what it takes to kill someone. I’m warning you.”) if I didn’t cease and desist from sharing news articles.
        Do I think the guy’s mentally unstable? Well, I’ve suspected that for a while … and he a) lives far enough away and b) doesn’t know where I live that I can’t be too worried about him.
        Which brings me to this point: I need to regroup mentally, get past the tension headache I’ve had for the past 72 hours, and *then* figure out what my next steps are rather than running around like the proverbial chicken with my head cut off. Because I know there’s work yet to be done.
        And, if all else fails, I’ll remind myself that I’ll be in your beautiful city in just two and a half weeks … and think about the good.


      • That will happen. A lot. The best way to get through it, is to do what I think. Keep moving. Keep doing whatever you do and don’t be denied. All the rest is just noise.

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