Working on the Railroad

Modern railroad tools.
Modern railroad tools.

A little different. Before tomorrow. Just so you know, no matter who wins the US Presidential election, the country will be in turmoil for years. Maybe the world. One day won’t stop anything.

There. That’s something to look forward to.

I thought I would show you something about America’s greatness. Industry. Yeah. I know a lot of it headed offshore. I also know that much of it will never come back due to technological changes. I know that anybody who claims that they can bring it back is lying. Or, doesn’t know what they are talking about. The guys who lost their jobs making cars, were not only downsized but they were make irrelevant. They didn’t have the needed skills to move into the new technological world. One worker can do the job of 100. What do the other 99 do? The very fact that I’m writing on my computer and you are reading Storyteller on your computer, made this so.


Industry. The railroad industry. A lot of changes were made there too.  Once, there were guys “working on the railroad.” They did this by hand. Beating spikes into ties with very large sledge hammers. Manhandling rails into place. The crews were huge.


Not so much. The machines in this picture repair track. There must have been 25 of them on this train. 25 people to drive and work them. Some ground crew too, I assume. Nothing like the hundreds that used to spend the day doing very heavy manual labor.

The work didn’t just move offshore. It changed completely.

The picture. Oh. Just get up around dawn and you see stuff. Stuff that might be moved and gone by noon.


  1. Ray, I a afraid you are right about the political situation going to be in turmoil for many years. And about industry. Each time I think about offshore manufacturing which has gone on a lot of years. First it was Made in Japan, then Made in Korea, and so on. I get angry about corporate greed that was responsible this offshore movement. I doubt that this can be reversed.


  2. Not only has labour been overtaken by ‘machines’ in primary resources and industry but also now in the service sector and even knowledge-based sectors. Self service checkouts have recently arrived at my grocery store, and online ‘help’ for computer apps had become “search our pre-packaged FAQs.” So many people left behind and politics is not going to fix it. I love that photo: a grandfather worked on a wrecking crew and an uncle was an engineer hauling iron ore.


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