Signs, signs, everywhere...
Signs, signs, everywhere…

“Don’t follow leaders and watch the parking meters.”

That’s the best advice anybody can give you. The other advice is about this picture. Not only look behind. Look around. See what there is to see. You never know. A picture might be lurking in the corner. The shadows. Out the window.

I went upstairs to shoot down on a band. It’s not a private area. Some people go up there to play pool. And, to smoke cigars.


That window.


I wanted the atmosphere so I left a corner of a pool table in the picture. Also, that old-fashioned metal light fixture. The rest was all about neon light. It’s even a bit of an establishing shot. See that FedEx sign? The FedEx Forum is located in Memphis. And, the club is Rum Boogie Cafe. On Beale Street.

I suppose Beale Street is Memphis’ answer to New Orleans’ Bourbon Street. It’s shorter. Packed with real music clubs. Probably a lot safer, too. Whenever I go there, I see Memphis police at either end of the street. Of course, Beale Street was hacked into about a third of its original length by well-meaning city government officials who promised a park. The park never came.

And, so it goes.


  1. I am always waiting for your new posts. Your ideas and your photos. You always surprise me with some ideas. I am grateful for that. Thank you for being here, for writing and sharing your photography and ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

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