The View

Dance, dance, dance.
Dance, dance, dance.

Always turn around.

That’s what I say. I say this about photographing anything. If you are taking pictures of a wonderful sunset. Take a second. Turn around. If that sunset is all red, orange and yellow, that beautiful light is falling somewhere. Illuminating something. Take a picture of that. You might be pleasantly surprised.

So too with musical events. Yeah. There’s a musician on stage. A band, perhaps. You want their pictures. That’s what you came for. Oh, and the music.

Turn around.

The audience might be doing something interesting. Me? Personally, I like to work from behind the band. You can photograph the band and their audience. In one picture. To me, that’s the picture. That takes time. To get to know the musicians. To earn their trust. And, for you to earn theirs.


The pictures. The man dancing actually came off the stage. He is the lead guitar player and musical director of the band. The band played on. He was having a great time. The second picture feels like something way out of time. Late night shows in small clubs will do that. This was so late night that dawn was breaking. Yeah. I know. What does that say about me? Finally, these guys were in the front row. Now you know where I was. Sitting on the floor. In between them and the stage.

By the way. These pictures are not what some people would call technically excellent. No matter. The give you the sense of time. Place. And, feeling.

Too much fun.
Too much fun.
Up close and listening.
Up close and listening.


  1. I love these! And I love your advice about turning around. Sometimes my best pictures are something in the background of what I was actually focusing on. Kind of hard for me to crop out my subject, but it is what it is. 🙂 You just never know where the treasure will turn up. Love your talent. The two up top are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Great photos and a good advice. I have to tell this tip to my daughter, who take photos. These are artistic pictures and it doesn’t matter are they technically perfect or not. I didn’t noticed the difference.

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