Around Here


Just a walk around.

I never look for just one thing. Even though I might have an idea in mind. I made these pictures while I was working on Halloween art. The light was great. I was on foot. I saw a lot. In my own neighborhood.

Most of it was green. The organization comes in the curating.

Just photograph what you see. Don’t edit yourself in camera. That comes later.

Funny thing. I didn’t even know there is a big stand of bamboo in the neighborhood. See what you learn if you just slow down? And, keep your eyes open.


  1. I like the patterns and textures … so much available “in the neighborhood” to be seen and captured.
    I am mostly a photo-scavenger – taking shots of whatever visually captures my attention, then processing later.
    Sometimes, I will photograph something b/c I have a sweet caption in mind.


      1. Yeah, I do about 3 actually. Walking was what got me back into taking pictures, about 3? or 4? years ago. Whenever it was…no walking, no pictures.


      2. I found a gps pedometer that maps where you are snd adds it up plus time taken, continuously, i figured that made the most sense and even i understood how to use it right awsy.


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