The Dog’s Halloween

Dog's eye view.
Dog’s eye view.

What the dog saw. Part Halloween.

For those of you who are new to Storyteller — and there are a lot of you — “What the dog saw” is an occasional series of pictures that I take while I’m out walking one of our dogs. The dog who thinks that I belong to her. The cocker spaniel.

Although I took a lot of them, this is also the last of my Halloween pictures for this year. Time to focus on other holidays. Like the 4th of July. Wait, what? There is still Thanksgiving (in the US), Christmas, New Year and Mardi Gras (in New Orleans) to come before the 4th of July. Not according to the big box stores. They like to start things early. Just in case.

The picture. I just put the camera in the grass and took the picture. The dog is fairly short so this approximates her line of sight pretty well.


A friend of mine posted his Halloween picture on Facebook a day late. He made note of that. If he lived in New Orleans in 2016, that would be about right. Mardi Gras came very early this year. Nobody was really ready for it. It threw everything out of whack. Selling Christmas stuff around mid-summer probably was the right thing to do.


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