Facing Halloween

That's a wrap.
That’s a wrap.

Halloween. In New Orleans.

One of the best holidays of the year. It seems to last for about a week. It gets weirder and weirder as the week rolls on.

I promised you a bunch of Halloween pictures as the days got closer. A lot of stuff got in the way. Sorry about that. I thought the least I could do was shoot and curate a little portfolio of images that you show my view of things.

A little bleak. But, still fun.

Since they say all art is autobiographical, maybe there is something to worry about. Or not. I’ve been watching a lot of weird movies. One called the Mutant Chronicles comes to mind. The year is something like 2,707. Four corporations own the world. There are no countries. The cities are in shambles. Chaos rules the day. There is a state of never-ending war over the last remaining natural resources. The cinematics look like steam punk and goth come to World War I. The plot isn’t great. But, I’d watch it again for the visuals alone. I think that they inspired these pictures.

Happy Halloween. Don’t follow leaders. Pay the parking meters.

Skulls in a row.
Skulls in a row.
Still living.
Still living.
Ghostly hoops.
Ghostly hoops.
Evil eyes.
Evil eyes.


  1. Wow, I love it when i stumble across a site like this. Such storytelling indeed. The wrapped up pumpkin is… hey sometimes I have no words. It has a potency that goes way beyond it’s content.


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