A little dancing.
A little dancing.

Music and dancing.

That’s even more related than photography and music.

It’s odd scene. Another Memphis blues club. Along comes a wedding shower party. Out on the floor goes the bride to be. Fueled by adrenaline and probably a little whiskey, she lead the enter audience in about 30 minutes of fast dancing. Then her friends lead her away.

I’m not sure what the band thought. If you look in the back, one musician is playing a saxophone, another is playing a stand up bass. They weren’t exactly playing rock n’ roll. They were playing slow blues.

The picture. Slow things down and let your instinct be your guide. Sometimes motion blur makes the point much better than sharpness throughout. It seems that after about 15 years of digital capture a lot of photographers are thinking that way. One of the most popular lenses on Ebay is a Russian knock off lens that sells for about $40.00. The last time it was made was in the early 1990s. It swirls the bokeh. The picture looks and feels old-fashioned. Of course, it isn’t auto focus. That confuses some people.