Blues in Memphis.
Blues in Memphis.

Music. Pictures. They go hand in hand.

Both of them require a lot of work to get right. To get good. To do without thinking about doing. So much so that today Bob Dylan said,

“Everything worth doing takes time. You have to write a hundred bad songs before you write one good one. And you have to sacrifice a lot of things that you might not be prepared for. Like it or not, you are in this alone and have to follow your own star.”

There you have it. The same thing applies to photograph. There are no “ten tips to make you a great photographer.” You have to work at it. And, practice. Again and again and again.

This quote is taken from a long interview about winning the Nobel Prize. In The Telegraph. Of London. You can find it here.—ill-be-at-the-nobel-prize-ceremony-i/

It’s the only interview anywhere about Dylan and the Nobel Prize. He talks about music. He talks about painting. He also knows his limitations.


I made this picture in Memphis. Tennessee. It says a lot about little clubs. Dives. Juke Joints. And, the musicians who work very hard to make their livings in them.