I Got Free

Red reflections in Chinatown.
Red reflections in Chinatown.

Finally. I got loose. They can’t catch me.

I headed straight to Chinatown. In San Francisco. I took pictures. I ate. I took some more pictures. I ate again. In a moment of kindness I bought a lot of take away food for the others. Not that they deserved it. Sheesh.

The pictures. I took a lot of them. You know that feeling of freedom. Remember The Beatles movie, “A Hard Day’s Night?” Remember when they broke out and were running around in the field? Like that.

I just saw things. I just photographed everything. You’ll see more of them. The things. But, I just had to organize them in some way. This group is called “reflections.” There’s a couple of other collections. I tried not to be precious about them. You might not see them right away. I have some Halloween things to show you.

Reflecting on food.
Reflecting on food.


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