Blues Music

Little Freddy King
Little Freddy King

Music City.

That title is usually reserved for Nashville, Tennessee. With the number of musicians who make their home in New Orleans, grew up in New Orleans, who play in New Orleans and record in New Orleans, we kind of give them a little competition.


Jazz was born in New Orleans. That matters.

This is Little Freddie King. He’s 76 years old. A cousin to Lightnin’ Hopkins. Was born in McComb, Mississippi where he has a marker on the Blues Trail. He is a founding member of Jazzfest where he’s played for 42 years. It seems like he took a break of  20 years between records. Now, he records with some frequency.

And, you’ve never heard of him.

Not unless you know the blues. Not unless you live in the region. Not unless you are really “into” music.

He plays in little clubs. Juke joints. Around the city. Clubs like DBA. Siberia. Old Arabi Bar. BJ’s Lounge. He did open in Telluride, Colorado at the same festival that Neil Young & The Promise of The Real headlined.

He can play. He is the real deal.

The picture. I made it at a blues festival. No surprise there, right? I tinkered with it. No surprise there, either. That’s what you are seeing. A blues musician — an old school legend –who’s been tinkered with. By me.



  1. I became a fan of the blues when I first heard Buddy Guy in a concert over 25 years ago. Freddie King and Lightnin’ Hopkins are names I’m well aware of. When I think of New Orleans music, I think of jazz, but blues is not that far off, and glad to see it a part of New Orleans culture.


    1. New Orleans isn’t really a blues city. Just here and there. You really have to go to Memphis for serious blues. OTH, I’m not really from here so, I guess the city and I are about even. 😅📷📷📷


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