Everything at once.
Everything at once.

I walked out the door and this is what I saw. Last night.

I wasn’t carrying a DSLR, so I turned around and grabbed one. I wanted this image to be made with a good lens and a large sensor. Not one of those itty-bitty sensors on a smartphone. Sorry, I don’t care what anybody says, I want files so big that I can fill the wall¬†with a printed picture. And, I don’t want to be taking extreme measures to save the edges that are filled with noise because the phone’s sensor can’t quite deal with¬†darks and lights at the same time.

Yeah, yeah. I know all about the great camera in the Apple iPhone 7 and 7s. That’s fine. Go ahead. Cheapen the process. Make your pictures like everybody else’s. For me, there is joy in the process of making images. But, I’m an old guy. I liked working in the darkroom. I wonder how many digital photographers have even been in a darkroom. Know what it feels like. Knows how it smells.

Sorry. This is a little rant. I reckon since I’m truly sick of politics, I might as well rant about something that matters. To me. The entire process of making a memorable picture. All of it.