Fall Like Spring

Morning light and red.
Morning light and red.

I took these picture a few days ago.

While most of you are describing glorious fall scenes and worrying about the winter and snow, down here in the Gulf Coast we are having our second spring.

What can I say? This is one of the benefits of living in a hot, humid swamp. While you are freezing your behind off and grumbling about shoveling snow (Some of you, anyway), we’ll have a fairly mild winter. And a very nice autumn. For instance, yesterday was almost perfect. Mid- 70s during the day. Low 60s in the evening.

Of course, you can remind me about this bragging later. When I grumble about Mardi Gras Day having sleet and freezing rain like it did a few years ago.  When I tell you that the temperature never rose above freezing. That I worked all day in it.

Oh, the stories you can tell.

The pictures. Saw them. Shot them. Didn’t do much to them after the fact. I had what I’m starting to call pseudo winter light. The light is lower and a little more golden. Like winter in the Northern Hemisphere. But, the temperatures don’t match the light. If I was a conspiracy person, I’d say this must be some kind of government plot. Yes, that’s what some people believe hurricanes are, these days. Instead, I just think this is just one more sign of global climate change.

There. I said it.

One more thing. See the picture directly below? If the pods match some of the already opened flowers around them, they are Sunflowers. They’ll bloom in November. Imagine that. Sunflowers. In November.

New pre-blooms.
New pre-blooms.
New growth and rust.
New growth and rust.

One thought on “Fall Like Spring

  1. Your beautiful photos are a cool relief! We are still in endless summer…and I’m weary! Climate change seems real in my part of the country, I dare say!


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