Both Sides

A little good. A little bad.
A little good. A little bad.

Good and bad. That’s how I see it.

That’s my city. That’s New Orleans. Sure. Every place has a little good and a little bad to it. But our contrasts are extremes.

One of you sent me an email inquiring about a photograph (I haven’t forgotten you) and said something in his email about my pictures. And, how they show how much I love New Orleans. Yes. That’s true. On a good day. But, on many days I really dislike this place. You’ve read some of my comments in the past, so there’s no need to get into that now. That’s for both my likes and dislikes.

Let’s just say that around here, it works like this. The new Rampart – St. Claude Avenue streetcar line opened on Sunday to great fanfare. That’s great. Today, it derailed as it was trying to cross at a track switch. That’s bad. Especially at rush hour. That makes it terrible.


I made this picture on the same day I took all those St. Roch cemetery pictures. I was poking around in a neighborhood in which I rarely travel and stumbled onto a lot of used house parts stores and lots. Most were pretty heavily protected by barbed wire and concertina wire.

Old reclaimed antique house parts are valuable. I once had my wrought iron fence and gate stolen from my house. It had been there since 1884. Somebody just dug it out of the ground. While I was sleeping. It was at the front of the house. I slept in the back of the house. The house was 90 feet long.

I found the fence and gate in an antique shop in Ponchatoula. Under Louisiana state law if you can prove something like that is stolen, you can have it returned. Immediately. While you are standing in the shop. Luckily, I had a lot of pictures to prove its provenance. Imagine that.

Then I saw this.

Barbed wire. Concertina wire. And, Mardi Gras beads.

That sums it up nicely.

New Orleans.



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