Nature Always Seeks Balance

They say that rust never sleeps.
They say that rust never sleeps.

Rust never sleeps. Neither does nature.

I stumbled upon a cluster of houses in the 9th Ward that were abandoned after Hurricane Katrina. And, have never been restored. At least I think I was in the 9th Ward. I came to this place from the Saint Roch neighborhood and wound through some back streets.


I turned down this street and was stunned. BAM! Just like that.

In all my poking around the city, I have never seen nature just take over a group of buildings like it did here. Interestingly, I just read a piece about Kudzu and how it has pretty much overtaken the entire South. Even though most of us think of New Orleans as being a third world Caribbean country, we really are in the South. It looks like Kudzu won.

That also explains why I published so many pictures. You know me. I’m minimal. I think less is more. But, sheesh. These houses blew me away.

No. I don’t go inside. I am fairly fearless when it comes to entering abandoned buildings. Especially smaller ones where I can pretty much see through them from end to end. But, I could not make my way through the dense growth.

I think I’ll go back. Twice. Once, when the light is lower. And, again towards the end of winter when most of the leaves will have died.  I’d like to see what’s really here.

Or, something like that.

Reclaiming what the flood took away.
Reclaiming what the flood took away.
More rebirth.
More rebirth.
As you pass by.
As you pass by.


    1. Thank you. I am partial to the second picture. We got out a bit yesterday so that I could fill my archives and have something to publish while we are wandering around the world. 🙂 We even went to a bit of a second line.

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