Pictures. Inside Out.

Broken words.
Broken words.

Ruins. Burned. Broken.

Where there once was energy there is now just dust gathering. Remains. And, a strange silence. These pictures are, in a way, a reminder of days gone by. A time when people actually made things. A time when there was a lot of pride in the work done. Things made. Tasks accomplished.

Before you think that you know where I’m going with this, you don’t. Remember, Storyteller is not a political blog. This is not about the simplistic and jingoistic “Make America Great Again,” political slogan of 2016. That silliness won’t last. It never does.

This post is about the future.

This post is about buying a building that was left in shambles, restoring it and creating another new craft-based business. It was the future. But, the future is now. It’s already starting to happen. And, it has been for the past couple of years. In all the left for dead Eastern manufacturing cities. Small businesses are opening that are owned by craftsmen, artisans and small businessmen. Some make shoes. Watches. Guitars. Clocks. Furniture. All kinds of metal work. Musical instruments. And, some businesses are focused on repairing the disposables. You know. All that technology that is intended to break down, to wear out. So you can buy another “new and improved” later model of whatever it is that broke.


That makes America great again. It makes any place great.

The pictures. They were all made in Central City, New Orleans. The neighborhood has a long way to go. But, it’s heart — Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard — has been redeveloped already. It’s sort of a mix of community development and gentrification. Some buildings are in their third or fourth phase. One business closes. And, another moves in. That’s the difference. The building doesn’t go fallow. And, a neighborhood remains reborn.



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