Facing Halloween

Halloween. In New Orleans. One of the best holidays of the year. It seems to last for about a week. It gets weirder and weirder as the week rolls on. I promised you a bunch of Halloween pictures as the days got closer. A lot of stuff got in the way. Sorry about that. I thoughtContinue reading “Facing Halloween”


Music and dancing. That’s even more related than photography and music. It’s odd scene. Another Memphis blues club. Along comes a wedding shower party. Out on the floor goes the bride to be. Fueled by adrenaline and probably a little whiskey, she lead the enter audience in about 30 minutes of fast dancing. Then her friends leadContinue reading “Dancing”

Dives and Juke Joints

Music. Pictures. They go hand in hand. Both of them require a lot of work to get right. To get good. To do without thinking about doing. So much so that today Bob Dylan said, “Everything worth doing takes time. You have to write a hundred bad songs before you write one good one. AndContinue reading “Dives and Juke Joints”

More Street Music

A little brass band music. On the streets. On a second line. Everybody whoopin’ and hollerin’. Singing and dancing. Another neighborhood. Another Sunday. In New Orleans. I’ve sort of taken a break from photographing these things every Sunday. There are 47 of them. Sometimes, other stuff gets in the way. Family things. Too many errands.Continue reading “More Street Music”

Cleaning Up

I don’t know why. We wash the cars before we leave for a trip. Even if we aren’t using them to travel. I suppose it has something to do with having one errand complete before we return home. I wasn’t going to share these this week. But. See that little “Discover” badge towards the bottomContinue reading “Cleaning Up”

A Longer View

More freedom. Really the same freedom. As yesterday. Just a different look at it. I like “compression” shots. They help to make a crowded scene look really crowded. They add a “stacked” look. They help urban pictures look really urban. Bottom line. They help my vision. Yes. I used a long lens. I don’t use it to getContinue reading “A Longer View”

I Got Free

Finally. I got loose. They can’t catch me. I headed straight to Chinatown. In San Francisco. I took pictures. I ate. I took some more pictures. I ate again. In a moment of kindness I bought a lot of take away food for the others. Not that they deserved it. Sheesh. The pictures. I tookContinue reading “I Got Free”

Since 1945

In the baseball world, The Chicago Cubs won the National League pennant last night. They will play in the World Series. For the first time since 1945. They will play the Cleveland Indians, who last appeared in the World Series in 1948. A long time for both teams. But. The last time the Chicago CubsContinue reading “Since 1945”

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