Street Music

The player.
The player.

Back to human subjects for a while.

When people come to New Orleans for the first time they immediately head to The French Quarter. And, more specifically, to Bourbon Street. That’s fine. Everybody should do it once. Then, expand your view. Walk around the entire Quarter. It’s roughly 16 blocks. You can see just about everything in a day. Maybe, two. Then, as I always say, get out the Quarter. It’s just one neighborhood in a city of 13 wards that are divided up in local neighborhoods. Even if you like the Quarter enough to want to visit again and again, make it your base. It’s a good one. Hotels are plentiful. There are all sorts of restaurants. There are things to see without making a big adventure out of it.

But, use our transportation system. Get on the streetcars and explore the city. It’s a pretty cool place. If you do this right, the only time you ever need to be in a car is to get from the airport to the city. Even for us, who live here, if we want to go to the Quarter or Treme, we walk a couple of block and catch the St. Charles Streetcar and take it to St. Charles and Canal Street. Done. No looking for parking. No fear of a parking ticket. We are just there.

Why am I’m writing this post? Now?

Any day now — or month, heh, heh, heh — the summer heat and humidity will break. The temperature will drop into the high 70s during the day and low 60s or even 50s at night. The humidity will be low. It will be our version of autumn. It is a perfect time to visit. With luck, it will last until to around Christmas time.

The picture. Oh, I made this on Royal Street. In the Quarter. There are about four places to hear music on the street. Bourbon Street. But, that’s music played in the bars and clubs and drifts out on the street. Jackson Square, where you never know who will turn up just wanting to play a little. Frenchman Street, which used to be cool. Now, it’s Bourbon Street downriver and finally, Royal Street. A lot of pretty good musicians gather on street corners and play for tips. For me, that’s the best place. At least, these days.


      1. @allentimphotos2 check out my blogs. Leave comments, laugh, I’m here to learn about blogging and share life stories! I know you will enjoy my work!! Help me! Criticism appectiated!


    1. There WordPress sites for criticism. You can sign up for them just as you would follow any blog. That said, my comments are usually pretty basic. Be consistent in your posts. If you post at noon, everyday, do that. If you post once a week, do that.

      Don’t grind axes. If you are a religious believer, post it for sure. But don’t tell people that they have to do this or that. Let them come to their own conclusions.

      Finally, don’t forget to credit the artist’s work that you use to illustrate your words. If possible include a backlink to their blog or website. Any of that help? 🙂 — Ray

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      1. Thank you. In New Orleans, busking is a little different. Often you find guys who record and normally play for reasonable money on stage, who just feel like having a day out and playing with people they don’t know. Some are so popular that they actually make enough money to buy the house in which they live.

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  1. I’m visiting again the week after Thanksgiving to do more research for a historical fiction piece I’m writing. I’m madly in love with NOLA, its food … and yes, its music (I heard amazing things on the streets alone). I’ve only explored the Quarter, a bit of Treme, a bit of the CBD and the Garden … and this time I’m ranging further afield. Thanks for this; I’m reblogging.

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  2. Sitting in my home in Perth, Western Australia and you brought me right back to the things I love the most about NOLA. I’m a former Mobilian and I *sure* know what it means to miss New Orleans. Tjank you for sharing.


  3. nice ! in my city ( kolkata ,India )too I found street musicians almost everywhere and they are beautiful to here. From childhood I listen to them and it makes a big impression in me as I grow up ! still it is pleasing to listen them . a good post !


  4. Incredible shot!

    I spent Christmas in New Orleans last year (it was magical) and agree with your suggestion of exploring further afield. I am planning to cook my first gumbo this year for my family this Christmas in a bid to recapture some of that magic – hopefully it will taste ok!

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    1. Christmas is my favorite time of year in New Orleans. Maybe, even more than Mardi Gras. But, for us, both are family holidays.

      As they say, first make a roux. Practice that before you even start cooking for Christmas. If you want something like you ate in the city, the color should be sort of caramel colored.

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      1. Sorry Ray jut noticed this reply – I was travelling solo and love music so went there as a last minute idea, on a whim. I had a great Christmas there – met some friendly people and ate some amazing food – am having heart pangs about not being there this year, am going to miss it a lot!

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      2. No apologies. I’m so far behind answer emails and keeping up with Storyteller… I think Christmas is the best time of year in NOLA. As far as friendly goes: that’s the thing about us. We are friendly and look after our visitors. As Cajuns ask when you pass by for a visit, “Did you eat yet? Can I feed you?” 🙂

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  5. Hi Ray – This is the awesome photo that caught my attention and caused me to follow you. The shot of the saxophone player with the bulging veins confirmed my decision. Btw – thanks for the recent follow. I know you’re a busy guy with lots of folks to keep in touch with.


      1. Oh, second lines aren’t your usual parades. They are participatory. The first line is the krewes, bands and hosting benevolent society. The second line is all the people who walk with the parade. I’m usually part of the first line since I work from within the parade somewhere near the lead. We might walk for miles together.


      2. No idea. I suppose if you count out takes and really poor technical quality. But, I’m a pretty efficient photographer so I try not to over shoot. My big side project for 2017, is to work though, cull and scan all my b&w film. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂

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