Do you remember?
Do you remember?

Happy first day of fall. The high today is supposed to be 92 degrees. It’s a brisk 81 degrees as I write this. At about 8:30am.


Remember these? Usually I find just the booth and a part of the phone. This time I found one that actually works. I picked it up and got a dial tone. Apparently, somebody thinks it is tapped. I always think that it’s funny that most people believe some kind of big brother is watching. Most of us just aren’t that important. Besides, the watchers aren’t that good. Even if they had our data. There would be yottabytes of it. Google that. Heh, heh. Who is going to sort through all that junk? Other computers? Great.


It just saw it and took the picture. I didn’t really think much of it at the time. I realize that I am building quite a nice little collection of dead pay phones and phone booth pictures. There. That’s another little monograph I could do. But, I probably won’t.

Oh yeah. One more thing. Remember I was talking about too many pictures a few days ago. On Sunday. 15 Trillion pictures were uploaded to somewhere last year. That’s a lot of pictures. Who’s really gonna see ’em? But, the mass data storage companies sure are making money. Good for them.