Boarded Up & Closed Off

Not taking chances.
Not taking chances.

The guy who owns this house isn’t playing around.

Usually when you find an old abandoned building, maybe a leftover from the storm, a few windows are boarded up. Maybe the door. Usually, the structures are wide open. They’ve been vandalized. They been tagged. They been torn up.

But, not this little house. Its owner wasn’t taking any chances. He didn’t just try to cover the windows. Or, doors. He covered the entire house with 6×4 feet, 1 and 1/2 inch, plywood boards. I suppose that you could still get in. If you really wanted to. But, what an effort. What a lot of noise. The neighbors would be out in seconds.

I have no idea why the owner did this. I can take some guesses. My he or she plans to rebuild. Someday. Maybe the owner passed and his family isn’t sure what to do with the building. I doubt whoever owns the property would let it be demolished by neglect. Why would they take the time to board it up so securely?

Nah. These folks are eventually coming back.

I can say that this whole neighborhood has a long way to go. I’d like to tell you exactly where I was but the local names get blurred. I was either in Black Pearl, Leonidas or Hollygrove. It’s also known as West Carrollton. Some people even call it Pigeon Town. I suppose it depends on the age of the person telling you, or maybe even which side of the street you are standing.


It’s still a rough neighborhood. I passed through it on Sunday when I thought I could run an errand in Jefferson Parish after I finished photographing the second line. There was a long freight train blocking the street. I thought I could dodge around it by passing through this neighborhood. By the time I made my way through, the freight train was blocking the street I hoped to pass on.

And, so it goes.

The picture. I decided that my ruin pictures need nasty post processing to make the point. At least for this hour. Who knows what I’ll think in ten minutes? So, the picture was made on one of those days when the light is bright and bouncing around the clouds. For most subjects, that’s incredible light. But, not for these sorts of pictures. The light really should be more moody. More weird. Scary even.

So, I tinkered around and this is where I came to. Hope it works for you.

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