Passing the time.
Passing the time.

This is as great example of “my picture.” A small picture that has a little bit of personal meaning attached to it. It is also a picture I made on the way to some place else.

Here’s a bit of backstory.

I photographed the second line that I posted yesterday. Parking is always a big deal when I go to these things. First, you have to find a fairly safe place. Second, you need it to be at the mid-point of the parade because if you walk a long way, you have to walk back. Third, when the weather is as hot as it’s been, you’d like to park in a bit of shade. I managed to do all three. In fact, I parked under a drooping palm tree that pretty much covered the car.


As I was walking back to my car, I noticed three people sitting on their porch. From the front it didn’t look like that much of a picture. The house was on a corner. When I turned the corner, I saw… this.  I asked if they cared if I took a picture. The guy in the baseball cap said okay. The guy in the red was asleep. When he heard the shutter click, he sat straight up slightly alarmed. His friends told him what I was doing and he just started talking to me. It was only then that I realized why he was alarmed. He is blind.

After editing the picture, I realized why he is blind. I’m willing to bet that two out of the three people on this porch are sick. With the same illness. Can you guess with what?

I’ll let you tell me. But, take good care of yourselves. You can prevent some of this.

The picture. I already told you what I did. I suppose the shutter speed was around 1/2oooth of a second, with the aperture at somewhere above f 8. Remember I was photographing a second line. I need shutter speed and good depth of field. And, that’s it.