Dawn to dusk.

I thought that if the dog likes dawn, she also likes dusk. I was right. She did. But, she wasn’t quite as energized. After all, she had a busy day. Sleeping. 

Somewhere in the past few days there has been an upgrade in Snapseed. Now you can drop text into the picture. Meaning, I can drop in copyright information. Easy. 

That’s it. 

Pictures made exclusively for Storyteller need never leave my i-Phone for any post production. And, as I mentioned to a blogging colleague, I did a test. I printed an image from my phone. 20 x 20. Inches. The image needed very little uprezing or pre-press preparation. I’m very quality oriented. Years managing big commercial presses will do that. I can’t see many differences between a big DSLR file and one made on my smart phone.

That is not to say that I’ll stop working in my normal way with DSLR bodies and Leica and Nikon film cameras. But, for walks and casual stuff…

This picture. I just saw the moon in the post storm sky. And, pushed the button.  

The dog and I have come to an agreement. When she sees me stop and hold up the phone she stops. I don’t even have to say, “stay.” 

All post production was done in Snapseed. Unless I print this image it exists only in zeros and ones.