Stormy Sunday

Deep gray.
Deep gray.

Sunday morning. Just before the downpour.

The morning started out bright and sunny. That lasted for a couple of hours. Then this. The clouds rolled in. The rain began to fall. Sideways. Backwards. Upside down. According to my weather app — Dark Sky — The downpour is stopping. That was two minutes ago. According that walking dog, the rain is still falling. She won’t go out in rain. It falls on her precious little head. However, she will go swimming. She will dive in a bayou. A mud hole. She has no problem with baths. But, rain? Oooooh noooooo.

The picture. It really is only an hour or so old. The clouds were just too powerful not to photograph. There is a silhouette of a building and some trees in one corner for a little balance. That’s it.

Happy Sunday. Or, Monday. Wherever you are.



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