Big storm comin’. Soon. Not in New Orleans. Not right now. In this picture. A picture that I made a while back. In New Mexico. Yes. I miss the quality of the light there. It is clean. It is contrasty. It is dry. Without the extreme humidity that we have in the southeast, the sky is […]

Back to the desktop. A little more layer experimentation. And, a little less color. I forget when and where I made the two base images. My guess is that I combined one image from New Mexico and one from Louisiana. I did that a day or two ago. But. Even though I store my EXIF […]

I suppose that I should be used to it by now. Big blue skies. Big colorful thunderheads. And, late afternoon storms springing up from nowhere. But, I’m not. Even though I have the heart of a photojournalist, as I get older I’m more and more fascinated by nature. No, not the kind of nature you […]

It looks broken. But, it’s not. It was moved to this location. And, is awaiting repair while the hospital zone is completed. Once all that work is done, this house will be restored to its former grandeur. We are getting close. It was painful. The neighborhood — an old blue-collar working class place — was […]

At work. In the French Quarter. I’m not sure this is what most people think of when they say they are working in a coffee shop. Usually, it means using a computer. Maybe using a few books and notebooks. But, that’s about it. These folks brought their factory with them. They are making little hand-made […]

Back to human subjects for a while. When people come to New Orleans for the first time they immediately head to The French Quarter. And, more specifically, to Bourbon Street. That’s fine. Everybody should do it once. Then, expand your view. Walk around the entire Quarter. It’s roughly 16 blocks. You can see just about […]

Stormy weather.  It’s supposed to be fall. But, the temperatures are in the 90s. Sometimes, things cool down some. After a little bit of rain. Even though I usually think we can’t drive in the rain, we do alright. I suppose that we have a lot of practice.  Even me. I can put the camera […]