Sunday Black & White

Another Sunday experiment. 
Once again, aside from making the original image in my normal way, all the rest of the work was done on my iPhone.

 I used an app called Snapseed. Once it was completely stand alone and developed by a small company. It cost money. A few dollars, I think. Google bought them. Now the software is free. It’s a great photo manipulation tool. I don’t know if there will be future development or even support. But, for now it works great.


I converted the color capture to a black & white photograph. I added a little further manipulation to it and there you have it.

I uploaded the picture from my phone to Storyteller. It’s as you see it. I was pleasantly surprised the first time that I did it. This time I wasn’t so surprised. I just did it. The process was as smooth as it could be.

But. I’m not quiet ready to get rid of my cameras and computers just yet. The process, as easy to use as it is, just feels strange to me. I’m old school. At the end of the day, I think that I’d rather shoot film and work in a wet darkroom. It’s a little less factory like and a lot more organic. 

The picture. I made the framing a little weird by shoving the main subject far to the left with the right side being a kind of bokeh. However, that element allows you to see what’s going on in the background. You get a sense of place and people.


      1. OnOne was once used to by wedding and portrait shooters then people like me found it. Next version will incorporate RAW functions. PhaseOne is very high end and really made to be used tethered with PhaseOne bodies but they did a deal with Sony so I use it with my mirrorless bodies. It’s much more creamy than Lightroom.

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      2. i use Fuji…but i know some of my friends use Sony…i will share with them…i’m still learning along the way…but i like cream so maybe one day i’ll learn more about PhaseOne…your work is beautiful Ray 😀 have a good day…smiles from Alberta!


      3. It’s free for Sony users, which is why I tested and kept it. Thank you for the kind words. Mostly, I’m just lucky. Now I wanna come photograph that strange place you posted. I see they have sort of tent-like cabins for rent. Sound like great fun in the dead of winter. 🌨🌬🌨

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