What The Dog Saw. Three.

What the dog saw, Again.
What the dog saw. Again.

Number three in an occasional series. What the dog saw.

The dog and I have decided that walks are much better after a hard rain. The smells are better for her because the air is fresh. The colors are better for me because they are brighter and cleaner. She instinctively seems to know this. I had to figure it out.

Luckily, this is the rainy season for all of us in South Louisiana. Sometimes it can be too much. Way too much. We saw that last week, upriver. Sometimes it can be just about right. Luckily, in New Orleans, it has been pretty good this summer.  We had some very hot days right at the start. I whined about them.  Since then, either the temperatures have cooled off a bit, or maybe I’ve just gotten used to them after five years of being back. I think it’s the latter because the average high temperatures have been the upper 80s to the lower 90s. When I’m out, I get sweaty because the humidity is so high, but I don’t feel overheated.

It is also storm season which translates into hurricane season. It’s something for which to prepare, but not really worry about. An online friend wrote and said we’ve had seven storms. Yes. Seven named storms. But, none of them have broken into the Gulf or turned cyclonic. Most have died in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean. Or, turned north and never reached the coast. The one closest to us today can’t seem to get formed and wind shear has chopped off the tops of the clouds meaning it has no energy.

I’m no expert. But, we think about this stuff down here. Nobody wants to be caught in another Katrina situation.

The picture. Very simple. The dog lead me right to it. All I had to do was see it, frame it and push the button. It’s a little hard to do since the actual scene is so chaotic. You kind of have to make meaning out of it in some way.

One more thing. Yes. There are shells in our unpaved areas. Remember most of Greater New Orleans was once swamp. The shells were either just in the places you see them, or they were imported when the land was filled in order to build on it.

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