Because I’m lazy, I’m trying something out that could be important in the future. I took the picture normally, imported it into my phone, did the post on the phone and posted it to Storyteller without ever leaving the comfort of my phone. 

After working through the process, I’ve found that it’s simple and fairly straightforward. But… You knew there is a but in there, didn’t you? There is one problem. I have fairly big hands. And, big fingers. iPhone keyboards are made for little hands and littler fingers. 

Oh well.

Oh, the picture. I made it in the 9th Ward near the river. The post production is yet another experiment. This time I muted things up a bit. It’s just a little slice of life in a neighborhood that most people don’t think about when they think about New Orleans.


7 Replies to “A Sunday Test”

  1. I agree with you about having big fingers–maybe a stylus would help on that point. But the screen is also so small! However you process them, I like your photos! Great eye and composition.


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