Broken Tracks

Experimental railroad.
Experimental railroad.

I decided that really staying around home was in order today.

Yesterday was hard. I needed a little recovery time. Today, I mostly hung out with the dogs. They looked after me. They know stuff. I also played around with photographs. This is the result of some experimentation.

I learned something very interesting over the past couple of days about our transportation system. I’ve written this is the past, but New Orleans is really a giant rail hub. If you look at something like Google Maps, you’ll see massive rail yards surrounding the city. Freight trains come from all over the country and transport goods that arrive by ship, either down the river or through the Gulf. Or, the goods the trains carry are loaded onto ships that travel anywhere in the world. All from my little weird city.

There are massive rail yards the run along the river not that far from the house. Sometimes, we walk sort of near them. I noticed that the diesel engines were shut down completely. That rarely happens.

I asked a guy who I thought was an engineer. Turns out he is the engineer supervisor. He starts trains. It takes about 45 minutes to start one of those big diesels. It takes a couple of hours for them to warm up to the point that they can pull anything. It’s very rare that they aren’t running even if they are parked for a long time. They were shut down because they had no place to go. Nothing to do.


Anything that was to be shipped to the west and north was shut down due to the flooding. The yard near us is the place where those freight trains are broken down and cars are re-ordered and sent to the east and northeast.


This is what you can learn by walking the dogs. I wouldn’t have known any of this if I didn’t let them lead me around. They enjoyed milling around and sniffing the tracks. Yes. Yes. Yes. We are very careful.

The picture. Oh my. I tinkered with it for a long time. I backed in and out of layers. If I had to tell you exactly what I did. I don’t think that I could. Let’s just say that I added and little of this and that. And, I removed a little of the other. How’s that?


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