What the Dog Saw. Two.

The fence. As the sun goes down.
The fence. As the sun goes down.

I wasn’t going to publish a new “What the Dog Saw” image for a few more days. But, we went on a road trip. To a park. Down the street. I like new experiences. So do the dogs. So off we went.

This is really a picture of almost nothing. A chain link fence with summer growth starting to cover it. That’s it. Of course, there is some amazing glowing light, but…

I’m not exactly sure what the cocker saw because nobody was playing on the court that would attract her attention. But, she was looking at this glowing fence. I thought if she likes it, I’d better photograph it. And, that’s it. The whole story.


      1. Very kind, thank you. I didn’t do much documenting. Too much other work to be done. Besides, I did this once — 11 years ago on 29 Aug. I’m not sure I can do the documenting part again. Too many memories. In fact, a couple of NOLA more senior photographers like me have discussed it. I don’t think any of us can do it.


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