A few more.

I try to keep my promises to you. So, here are a few more pictures from the Satchmo second line. I think I mentioned yesterday, that we honor famous trumpeter player Louis Armstrong with a festival. Three days of jazz in The French Quarter. And, a second line on the third day, Sunday. The day starts with a jazz mass which eventually evolves into a second line that walks through Treme. It closes at the festival.

These pictures. Hmmm. I like to work before the event. Most of the time. That’s when I can sort of pick my shots. I can turn the event into something else.

The opening picture needs to be big. Really big. In the print world of days gone by that would be the hero picture. The rest of the images just sort of fall into place. You probably notice the tuba player. Again. I like this picture a little better than the vertical version. I chose yesterday’s picture as more of a design element than because of its strength.

Oh. One more thing about the tuba player. His musical instrument is really a sousaphone. But, you’d get laughed off the street if you called it that. I really just like the shape. You can call it whatever you like.