Satchmo Second Line

Tuba portrait.
Tuba portrait.

Satchmo Second Line.

Now this second line has some serious tradition behind it. We celebrate Louis Armstrong’s birthday in New Orleans with a jazz festival that starts on Friday and lasts for three days. The musicians are local, the event costs $5 dollars and is held in The French Quarter.

Except for the second line.

It is held in Treme. On Sunday. It follows a jazz mass at St. Augustine Catholic Church. The mass starts at 10am. The parade comes blasting out of the church doors at noon. It forms up in the street and away they go. The route changed this year because of massive construction on Rampart Street. That’s pretty cool. It worked it’s way through the heart of Treme, turned right on Esplanade and ended in The French Quarter.

I’ve been photographing it for years. This year it seemed a little more local. And, the weather was a little cooler. Cooler being relative. As I recall, the temperature for last years second line was about 98 degrees. This year, somewhere in the mid 80s. What a difference that makes.

As far as being more local goes, last year was the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. National and global press descended on New Orleans for every possible event. This year, not so much. It’s better that way.

The pictures are pretty much as you see them. Something like F8 and be there. I’ve got a few more for you that I’ll publish during the week.

Cinnamon Black, Baby Doll.
Cinnamon Black, Baby Doll.


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