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Underwear Parade



The Underwear Parade.

Yes. In New Orleans, we parade or party for just about anything. Apparently, yesterday was National Underwear Day. So, the fine folks in the Bywater neighborhood of the 9th Ward took to the streets. In their underwear. Or, in some cases no wear. At all.

I’ll show you a bunch of pictures tomorrow. I’ve had nothing but software problems today. I usually let Apple download new upgrades will I sleep. I stopped that this morning.


Nothing worked. Every piece of software or app ran extremely slow to the point that finally my computer just gave up. I had to do a “hard reset” which just really means pulling out the power plug. Of course, that’s about the worst thing to do. Especially with Apple products. Rebooting takes a long time. And, every piece of mounted software generally needed to be rebooted as well.

The short story is that it took me almost five hours to download, back up and edit some 250 pictures. It took me forever just to finish this bubble picture. Normally, that whole process takes me about 15 minutes.

Apple is pretty much the gold standard for what I do. But, Apple never plays well with the software I need. Every upgrade is a nightmare. In a few months we are getting a new operating system. I can hardly wait. The OS will probably download and install just fine. It’s what comes after that isn’t so pleasant. It’s the same old point their fingers at each other routine. If you talk to an Apple tech, they’ll blame it on Adobe. If you talk to an Abode tech, they’ll blame it one Apple. Sheesh.


I just stuck my camera into the bubble making machine that was operated by this dude in a weird suit. Yes. He was dressed. Or, maybe he really looks that way. The bubbles were made of soap. My camera was washed. I was washed. And, everybody who got near him was washed. Good thing too. At 7pm, the weather was hot and humid. Around 90 degrees with just about the same percentage of humidity. We all needed a bath.


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