Rain on My Window

Impressionistic rain drops.
Impressionistic rain drops.

A little more rain.

We awoke to rain. The rain keeps falling.

According to my weather app we have another hour or so to go. Then, cloudy skies.

I don’t care. There is plenty of work to get done inside and out.

But, the dogs. The dogs. The dogs. Despite being water dogs who think nothing of jumping into a stinky and smelly swamp, they refuse to go out when rain drops fall on their precious heads. Yeah, yeah. I know. Cocker Spaniels and Poodles have been bred so far back from their hunting roots that they do not resemble their ancestors. But still. Let them off their leashes at some place like City Park and into the swampy water they go. Or, even the pool. Open the gate on a hot day and they look like the Olympic swimming team. But rain drops from above? Oh noooooooooo.


A little impressionistic expression of what I saw today. From the window. In the studio.  True monochromatic images. Made in color and not converted to black and white. Yes. The top image has a little hint of green. That’s about it.

Have good day wherever you are.

Rain drops on the screen.
Rain drops on the screen.

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