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Outside of the lines.
Outside of the lines.

Leaves. Changing colors.

What? Already? Nah, we just have weird seasons and trees around here. We are in the dog days of summer. The dogs are hiding out in the shade. Or, they spend more time inside with the air conditioning. And, the fans.

The weather outside… It’s humid. The morning moisture and dew drops evaporate into the hot air. The day turns hot, but livable. Then clouds start to form. Rain falls. Night falls. The cycle repeats itself.

That’s nature. That’s life.

I photograph what I see. Especially when those cool air seeking dogs want to go for their walks. That’s how I photograph these things. Even when I’m not out with them, I’ve learned to look up, down, all around.


One thing. I never move stuff around in pictures. What I see is what you get. Even in the top picture. The leaf looks almost perfectly placed. It is. But, I didn’t do it. Nature did.

Like a forrest.
Like a forest.


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