Hurricane. Katrina at 11. I said last year that ten years was enough time to mourn. To rebuild. To reflect. I said that I was done living in post-Katrina New Orleans. That from last year’s ten-year anniversary I wasn’t going to wallow in the Katrina leftovers. I was moving on. My response was partially due […]

Every now and then I get really, really lucky. Yesterday morning was one of those times. The light. The color. The subject came together. In front of my face. Yes. The dog was with me. It was her walk. But, I’m not sure she saw this. It’s well above her normal point of view. It’s […]

Another Sunday experiment.  Once again, aside from making the original image in my normal way, all the rest of the work was done on my iPhone.  I used an app called Snapseed. Once it was completely stand alone and developed by a small company. It cost money. A few dollars, I think. Google bought them. […]

Number three in an occasional series. What the dog saw. The dog and I have decided that walks are much better after a hard rain. The smells are better for her because the air is fresh. The colors are better for me because they are brighter and cleaner. She instinctively seems to know this. I had to […]

So. One of you said yesterday’s picture was scary enough. Ha! This feels a little more scary to me. And, it’s within about five minutes walking distance from the house. The sign on the gate says plainly, “no dogs.” The dogs go there. No. They don’t do what you are thinking. I make sure of […]

It still looks this way. Nothing has been done to this building since Hurricane Katrina flooded the neighborhood. Eleven years ago. That’s not to say the building was in good shape then. In fact, the entire corner had fallen on hard times well before the flood. Luckily for Bohn Motors, a well-known local car dealer, […]

Out there where the swamps meet the lakes it looks like this. Not exactly this way. I made this picture look this way. But, the trees are broken. Many are gone. The swamps are dead. The land is desolate. The way you might think that the end of time looks. Some of this is storm damage. Hurricane […]

“Upon this street where time has died. The golden treat you never tried. In times of old, in days gone by. If I could catch your dancing eye. It was on the way, On the road to dreams, yeah. Now my heart’s drowned in no love streams, yeah. The street is cold, its trees are gone. The story’s told the dark has […]