Clouds. A Quick Study.

Passing by in the sky.
Passing by in the sky.

How could I not?

I claim that I’m not a nature photographer. I also don’t usually take pictures of clouds except as part of a much larger scene. But, when I see it I photograph it. So I did it. This is also what happens when you keep a camera handy. I was running errands when I looked up. I’m thinking that most of this week’s posts are the result of keeping a camera around all the time.


I even took one with us on the way to the vet. One of my Cockers had the Spaniel trifecta. An ear infection, a gastrointestinal infection and a urinary track infection. Two of them are pretty unpredictable, but the extreme humidity this summer defeated our best efforts to keep her ears clean.

She slept in the back seat. I did my usual drive by shooting when we stopped for traffic lights and such. I think having a camera around helped calm her. If I do normal stuff, she may think that things are okay. I don’t know what’s in a dog’s mind, but they know stuff.

Oh. A day later. She seems to be feeling much better. She still has to take her course of pills and ear drops, but she slept soundly and hasn’t been making a run for the door every half hour. The other dogs are fine.


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