Signs, Symbols & Stuff


Lone Star in black and white.
Lone Star in black and white.

Signs and Symbols.

That’s what we see. Every day. But, they become ubiquitous. We stop seeing them. Sometimes, when we take the time and have a little stroll, we start to see — really see — our surroundings. And, sometimes we don’t.

I made these pictures while I was waiting for my buddy to arrive. I just walked around because I am an impatient sort. So I walked. And took pictures of whatever I saw. Here and there. This and that.

The pictures. The lone star is a little weird because it’s not the traditional colors of a Texas flag. Two pictures are fairly easy to recognize. Then there’s that sort of Batman like symbol. I have no idea what that little piece of graffiti means. It just took the picture.

One more thing. About cropping. If I really thought about it, I could have cropped the image called, “Red, White & Blue. Twice” and framed the stars and bars with the with brick-red, blue and white of the door frame and made it an entirely new picture.  Oh. I guess I d think about it.



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