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Circles in a wall.

Circles in a wall.

Rust never sleeps. So, they say.

I suppose this picture makes that point pretty well. I’m not exactly sure what this thing is really. I looks like a kind of vault lock. Or, it may be just a simple base to a door knob. I found it on the wall of a building that houses an art gallery. I was waiting for a friend to meet me at the gallery when I started wandering around in search of pictures. I saw this. I knew. I just had to press the shutter button. A couple of times. I should have asked my friend about this thing. Since it is his gallery. And, he collects stuff like this. But, nooooooooo… I forgot.

Yes. There’s some pretty heavy post production going on. I wanted the green, the corrosion, to pop out of the picture since it seems so organic. I also find that with pictures like this one, deeper, richer tones tend to enhance the picture. And, make it better. I think.



      • I try to let the picture tell me what it wants. It’s sort of like the old Yogi Berra quote when he was in a sump. Manager, “Yogi think.” Yogi, “You mean I have to think and hit at the same time.”

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