Rainy Season

Wet sidewalk and flowers.
Wet sidewalk and flowers.

Yes. The rainy season.

About this time of year we have real interesting days. They are mixed with bright sunshine, clouds, heavier rain clouds, a hard-hitting storm and then the cycle repeats itself. Sometimes, the rain falls in such specific areas that one side of a street is dry, while the other side sees rain falling so hard that a flash flood warning could be announced.

That’s The Gulf Coast for you. In the summer.

This is all good news. The very hot days of early summer have left us. Those 115 degree days are gone. They may come back in late August or September. But, our temperature for this time of year is fairly normal with ground readings in the high-80s and the heat index in the mid-90s. Of course, it is also quite humid.

The rain. We’ve had a little everyday. A hard rain but not for very long. That keeps stuff green and does lower the humidity briefly. It helps make pictures. The sidewalks and pavement sort of glow. Subjects, like these flowers, are washed and sparkle.

For me, this means that there are pictures where normally there might not be. Yes. I have to do a little heavier post production to make the picture look like my brain saw it. But, what did Ansel Adams say? “The negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score and the print, the performance.”

This kind of summer light does one more thing. It expands my photographic time. The time I take pictures. You know me. I prefer to work at the ends of the day. The time when light and shadows turn even the most mundane subjects a little magical. But, on days like these, the light changes minute-by-minute. Magic happens all day long. And, that’s a lot of fun.


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