One Sunday Morning

On my window.
On my window.

One Sunday morning.

A day of peace. Which was not to be. I made this picture about an hour before I posted this story.  Somewhere during that time of post production, somebody decided to get revenge. In Baton Rouge. Many police were wounded. At least two were killed. Maybe three. Breaking news is always sketchy at first.

So much for a peaceful Sunday morning.

Prayers? Again? Three times in during a calendar week. Seems like a lot of violence to me. What do I know? I just work here.

And, speaking of that. I’m back. My break really wasn’t long enough. But, if this extreme violence is going to continue I’m going to respond in the only way I know how. Make pictures. And, show them to you.

A little housekeeping. I have about 501 of your emails. Believe it or not, I actually read your blogs. Sooooooo… I’m going to get started. Maybe 25 to about 50 a day.



  1. yes, I read everyone’s blogs too, about 20 each day, or whatever fits in a bit less than 2 hours at the library. It’s all good, some read everything and some do not. 🙂


      1. Or, none that even come close to making sense. Of course, they don’t come close to Facebook translates. Somebody talks about a taco. They want to you know if you want it translated. So for fun, you click. The translation? Taco.

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