And Again

Flowers for Nice
Flowers for Nice

It seems like there is no mourning time. No recovery time.

It seems like I just posted flowers for Dallas a week ago. It seems so, because it was. Only a week ago. Last Friday. Mass murders seem to be a way of life now. Even our leaders seem to be saying this is life. In 2016.

Oh really?

This cannot be the new reality. The new world. The world order. This must change. Innocent people can’t keep dying violently. For some horrific hatred. For some inbred, twisted way of thinking. It’s well above my pay grade to suggest a program. Or, design a plan. I still believe that I can only help my little world. But if we all do that…

I thought that I was taking a couple of week break from Storyteller. I’ll be back next week. The two weeks flew by. And, I still felt compelled to post. Because… of breaking news. All over the world.

Peace, y’all.



  1. Ray,

    Your image for mourning is a beautiful song, sadly without music.

    There can be no music with an ideology of cruelty, intolerance and hate. Just images.


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