The Truth

Seeing the truth.
Seeing the truth.


That word is the only word this young man says. He said it at the Clover Grill. On Bourbon Street. In The French Quarter.

It means “Good” or “I like it.” I’m told that it’s very hard to make a portrait of him. I didn’t think it was so hard. It’s all about relating to each other. We did fine. I suppose that’s how it is in life. Walk in the other guy’s shoes for a minute. You’ll come to some understanding. We could all use a little of that about now.

On to other things.

I’ve been writing Storyteller for about five and a half years. I do it every day. I do it from home. At a coffee shop. On the road. Just about from everywhere. Day in. Day out. I’ve posted from my main machine. From i-Pads. From i-Phones.  And, even a couple of times from something powered by the other guys. Windows.

I’ve never taken a break.

But, with a long weekend coming. It’s time. I’m taking a break. I think for two weeks. Could be a little longer. But, I’ll be back. Certainly before August. I’ll still be online. Many people shut that off. Or, claim to. I’m not. I still have business to run. I just won’t be around as much.

Have a good couple of weeks. Enjoy the summer weather.

Oh yeah. If you really do miss me. You could always poke around deep into my archives. There’s lots of material there.





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