About a Daddy

Southern tales. Southern stories. A love story. One night I was talking to my friend, Chesley Thompson. She’s a Southerner. Born and raised. She has family all over the south, especially in Mississippi and Louisiana. She’s a school teacher. An incredible school teacher. Just ask her former students. I met her at UNO when we wereContinue reading “About a Daddy”

Clouds Two

Cloud Study. Two. Too. Once again, I don’t this all that often. But, the light has been amazing before, during and after our daily storms. So, I shoot what I see. What inspires me. Scenes that are a little minimalist. A little impressionistic. A little glimpse of the fleeting moment. In nature. Yesterday’s picture was a little powerful and noisy.Continue reading “Clouds Two”

Clouds. A Quick Study.

How could I not? I claim that I’m not a nature photographer. I also don’t usually take pictures of clouds except as part of a much larger scene. But, when I see it I photograph it. So I did it. This is also what happens when you keep a camera handy. I was running errands whenContinue reading “Clouds. A Quick Study.”

In the Pouring Rain

Storms. Around here, it’s a way of life. Especially in the summer. If you are out and about, likely you will drive in the rain starting sometime in June through maybe September. You get used to it. You change your windshield wiper blades a lot. This is my version of what it was like to driveContinue reading “In the Pouring Rain”

When the Weather is Wet

Rain. Lots of it. I’m not complaining. We can always use more rain. Besides, it’s summer. Our rainy season. It’s also humid and warm — not hot — which makes everything grow. For a few months of the year we live in what amounts to a hot-house. During my first year in Louisiana I askedContinue reading “When the Weather is Wet”


Since the flower didn’t seem to help yesterday, I thought I’d move to more Japanese style of work in honor of the people who died or were wounded in Tokyo. Yes. This picture is very minimalistic. Very Japanese. Very Asian. I don’t say that without knowledge. I spent some nine years of my life —Continue reading “Minimalistic”

Dream in Blue

I love waking up to read of another mass shooting in the United States. This time in Fort Meyers, Florida. Since only two young people were killed — and 17 shot — it’s not huge news. Even though most of the wounded are very young. It has already fallen to fourth place on my newsContinue reading “Dream in Blue”

Looking Down. Sometimes.

Look up. Look down. Look all around. Or, as some people call it… being situationally aware. Every one of these pictures was made within a few days of each other. Usually after a storm rolled through. I probably could have made these with my smart phone since that always goes everywhere. But, I’ve been aContinue reading “Looking Down. Sometimes.”

In the Summer

I make pictures in the weirdest places. I took this one in the parking lot of a strip mall where I gone to run a couple of errands. At this point, I should say that I really don’t see myself as a nature photographer. I just sort of make it up as I go along.Continue reading “In the Summer”

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