Brightness at the End of the Day

More from the Lake
More from the lake.

I tinkered around a bit.

I actually made a couple of versions a picture from the take that you saw a week or so ago. You haven’t seen this picture yet. Well, now you have. Heh! You know me. I don’t post tons and tons of pictures from one particular take. I’m a minimalist when it comes to image selection.

Anyway. I was just experimenting. I think I like this version best. But, you might have other ideas.

Wanna see the other one?

Here it is.

A little more heavenly.
A little more heavenly.

Which one is better? That’s subjective. Depends on which you like. And, mostly on your intent as much as mine. It seems that, according to various studies and website that I read, the bottom version is a little more contemporary. But, me? I’m a little more colorful. And, a lot more contrasty. Normally. We’ll see how this little experiment goes.

It seems no matter how far I wander I always come back to COLOR. BIG. STRONG. POWERFUL. COLOR.


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