Young chorale group rehearsing.
Young children’s group rehearsing.



That’s what this was. A little lagniappe. That’s a Louisiana French word that means a little gift. Or, a little bit more.

This picture is the result of a little more.

I was meeting some friends. We decided to meet at St. Louis Cathedral since it is the major landmark of The French Quarter. It was hot, so I suggested we meet inside since the cathedral is always cool. When I arrived, all these students from different groups were lined up, getting ready to make their way to the altar. Eventually, they arranged themselves  in some formation. Short to tall. Or, maybe by grade. Then they started to rehearse. Sometimes they were a little off. So their director switched an octave around and they sang. Almost like angels.

Meeting in the cathedral was the main event for us. The choir was lagniappe.

From my photographer’s point of view this is a prefect illustration of getting outside to take pictures. If you are having a block — as I was for a while — go outside. Look around. Go some place. I’m sure the pictures will find you.


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